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ePlan Review

What is eplan Review?

ePlan Review is an electronic web-based solution that allows plans for Building Permits and Development Projects to be submitted electronically, replacing the traditional paper-based review method. ePlan Review will improve the plan review cycle, reduce costs associated with obtaining building permits and development approvals, as well as support green initiative.

Steps to follow for an application submittal:

Step 1: Submit your request for a building permit application online

Request your building permit application online following the instructions in the ePlan Review Applicant User Guide and going to Building Permits Online.

Step 2: Setup your computer to use ePlan before attempting to log in

If you are new to ePlan Review, please follow the instructions on the ePlan First-time Setup Information page prior to logging into ePlan. Are you a Windows 7 or Vista user? If so, please ensure you follow the special instructions as outlined on the ePlan First-time Setup Information page.

Step 3: ePlan invitation email and upload documents/drawings

Upon acceptance of your request for a building permit application, you will receive an email invitation to use Electronic Plan Review to upload your Online Permit Application, plans/drawings, and any other related documentation as outlined in the ePlan Review Applicant User Guide.

Digital Signature Requirements

ePlan Applicant User Guide

Online Permit Application (for use with ePlan Review applications only)

ePlan Review Login

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